How Do Manufacturing Businesses

Lately there have been many changes in the sales process for manufacturing companies. Manufacturers focus on developing state-of-the-art processes and products, but since they are not too creative in their marketing and sales strategies, they find it hard to keep pace with the developing online market.

Hard-selling, door-to-door selling and walk-ins are things of the past and now, B2B consumers are doing their own searching, as well as purchasing of products and services online.

If manufacturers are willing to adapt to the changes and stay in the competition, then it is about time to make the best use of their online shop, their website.

When properly utilized, a website can serve as a sales machine that functions 24/7 for their business. This tool lets prospective buyers know more about their industry, company, products and services. A website should post the content that users need before making a decision to buy and let them go smoothly through the sales process.

That being said, manufacturing companies now aim to create and design a website which works like a sales machine to bring ROI for their business.These are the steps to follow:

Search for their Buyer Personas

As a start, they need to determine their target audience or prospective customers and learn as much as they could about them to help them go through the buying process.

This is critical since there are different types of buyers just as there are different kinds of manufacturers. For example, a company that manufacturers machinery parts has different buyers from a manufacturer of chemicals.

In addition, a manufacturer of machinery parts could have 3 types of target buyers like a distributor, purchasing agent and maintenance manager. Every persona has his/her own educational background in terms of machinery parts and has different reasons for buying when they land on a manufacturing company’s website.

Know the Goals they want their Website to Accomplish

When they have determined their buyer personas, they should know what they want their website to achieve.

Their goal may be to create an eCommerce site to allow therm to sell their products and/or services online. Or else, they may aim to educate prospective customers about their business, products and/or services and make them fill-out a quote request.

Perhaps, they may learn form their research that their prospective buyers know what they want and they want to encourage them to make contact by filling out a form. Manufacturers may realize that they also have different goals because of their different personas.

Considering their Buyers when Designing their Website

Once manufacturing companies have identified their goals, their designer will wireframe out their website in such a way that the paths of users will reach the goals that manufacturers want to achieve. Their website will be developed based on this wireframe.

Buyers should be taken into consideration when designing the website.